Professional Trash Can Cleaning Service

How Our Garbage Can Washing Truck Works

At Lemon Fresh Bins, our garbage can washing truck restore trash and recycling bins to "like new" status in five (5) easy steps:

garbage can washing truck process 1

Select Your Trash Bin Cleaning Service

Choose a one-time or recurring service by signing up through our online form.

garbage can washing truck process 2

Take Your Smelly Trash Cans To The Curb

Take your trash out on your normal garbage day, and let us handle the rest.

garbage can washing truck process 3

Lemon Fresh Bins To The Rescue!

Once your trash has been collected, that's when we show up! Our garbage can washing truck cleans your bins using a pressure washer with 200-degree hot water.

garbage can washing truck process 4

Giving It An Extra Once Over

After we employ our power washers, we utilize an eco-friendly odor neutralizer that keeps your bins smelling fresh and clean (and yes, like lemons!).

garbage can washing truck process 5

Rinse and Repeat

Once we’re done, we’ll return your trash bin to the curb. Then, you can begin to enjoy a clean, fresh-smelling bin until your next scheduled trash can cleaning service.

Say No To Stinky Bins

Ready to get rid of those stinky bins?

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